Fernie's World Read-Aloud

Meet Fernie, ne` Fanny FitzWilliam, living in the 1800’s. Born the daughter of a prominent botanist and professor at a university, she earns the nickname from her father on one of their field expeditions. She discovers ferns at a time when proper young ladies did not scamper about the country side. She unknowingly begins a trend that will last 50 years and will spark a fern Renaissance across parks, gardens, art, music, and home décor.

 She is a creative, young lady whom girls from any century can relate. Follow along as she discovers a mysterious past she doesn’t know she has. Learn with her as she follows her curiosity in the natural world and writes and draws and paints. Watch as she negotiates difficult and tedious neighbors and family members. Doesn’t everyone have a “Florence” in her life? Find out.

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