Sunday, April 14, 2019

WELCOME to The Fern World

This is the premiere of The Fern World website and blog. What began as a we-love-ferns digi-kit has turned into a whole series. We begin with Nik The Booksmith's Much Ado About Ferns:

To read the story of Fernie's World, you can click on the tab above to follow along. Updates every Friday! 

Here's Hali's fern journal:

It is a Booksmith journal and includes the first story of Fernie's World. It is also a Traveler's Notebook and comes with:

*4 inserts/notebooks: one lined, one drawing paper, one "eco-printed" green dyed paper, and a Junk Journal insert with a combination of lined, ink-stained, fern-imprinted, ledger and music paper. Paper is all 32 lb. paper and is fountain pen/rollerball friendly.
*The first chapter of Fernie's World is included as a booklet 
*An ephemera packet: cards, fabric, lace, washi tape, music paper
*Gold fountain pen, ink cartridges & ink blotter page

To construct the journal, I combined The Adventures in Booksmithing course along with The Hollow Back Binding course. To learn how to make your own Booksmith tomes and a whole lot more, here's a link to Nik's FABULOUS online classes: Nik The Booksmith's Booksmithing courses.  Here's a link to her Nik The Booksmith YouTube channel for more tutorials and inspiration.

To learn how to make your own Traveler's Notebooks, here's a link to my Ledger & Lace Teachable classroom for a free course.

Here's a video flip-thru of the journal: 

Here's the story:

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